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Fotografo Milano
Fotografo Milano

Google Street View Certified

Fotografo certificato Google

Marco Carloni Fototgrafia has a team that, with passion, cooperates and follows only the shootings for Google Street View Certified.
We are proud to have obtained the cockade Google - the highest award for certified photographers who have excelled in quality and quantity of services!

We are authorized to operate around the world. This allows us to be reported in the first position in the list of Google Street View Trusted photographers.

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Portfolio with some examples of our published work

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Antonio Lupi showroom Milan

Optics shop

Crocetta Panini

What is this project?


It 'a very effective and inexpensive way

to promote your business on the Internet!

A virtual tour inside of your business on

Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus

online will be seen by all types of devices,

365 days per year, 24 hours a day!

What is included:

  • 360 ° panoramic virtual tour

  • Professional photographs of the "points of interest": interior architecture and all the details that you need

  • Post production of the photographs

  • Creation of your virtual tour that will be connected to the Street View* and added to Google Maps, Google Plus and Google Places

  • Geolocation on Google Maps for a better ranking

  • Direct link to Google, Google Maps and Street View to be found more easily

  • Google Plus is a social network, your business page will contain all the information regarding your business: address, opening hours, website, phone numbers, reviews by clients

  • Google Places: the card with photographs and all the most important information about your business, that opens every time you do a search on Google
    * Only where there is Street View

The advantages of Google Street View Certified

  • Increasing interest through the channels of digital communication, attracting new customers from around the world

  • Promote local busines fro tourists

  • Make your business more visible and easily traceable

  • Have a Google Plus page and be present on Google Maps

  • !! The rights to the images will belong to you and may be used for any kind of promotion activities in the future, such as: advertising, presentations, website, e-mails, Facebook, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, etc.

One-time investment

  • No fee for inserting the virtual tour on Google platform

  • !! After the virtual tour has been published on the Google it will remain there, without any other charges or fees

  • It is an advertising cost therefore it is detractable from taxes

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