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Marco Carloni - photographer from Milan

Marco Carloni was born in Milan at the end of the "sixties".

His earliest memories are: Grace Jones songs, the Mamiya Press, the red light of the darkroom and those wonderful creatures that walked around the studio where his father, official photographer of Kodak, was working nights and sometimes during the day. Since then there have been countless shootings, covers, travels, faces and stories, all different.

Now he collaborates with various magazines and advertising agencies in Italy and around the world. He has made numerous advertising campaigns, travelled in the most beautiful places of the globe. His portraits show his ability to go beyond the surface, revealing the soul and the true identity of the subjects. His passion for photography projects and artistic research led him to involve in its work the characters plunged into the world of their art or beautiful creatures, dancing under the water surface, flirting with his lens.

Poet of the moment, captures the image in a glance, but even before that it can imprint itself in his mind, his arm, his hand, his finger, have already snet an impulse to the sensor to stop the time and freeze the reality. This is the only way he knows how to capture the "truth"! If you want to know something more about him ... why do not you ask?!

Fotografo Milano
Fotografo Milano
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